Technologies  Expertise  Contact Services  Home  Technologies   Expertise  Contact Services  Home  Smart Security Technologies   The improvement of the “standoff” capability of military forces is our destination. Unmanned automated systems, new sensorics and effectors and smart kinematics are technologies we are working in. Based on a deep analysis and considering newest technologies we develop also unconventional system concepts with outstanding performance features. We verify the feasibility of critical functions with simulation tools and field suitable experimental systems and prototypes. In the phase of development we support you in the project management - engineering, risk management, safety management, qualification and tests.  Our technical expertise rests upon scientific work in research institutes and a long time in the development divisions of the defence industry. We have realisied technologies and systems e.g. for counter IED, automated combat systems and smart vehicle protection systems with world wide unique features - from the idea to the roll out.    Our objective is the enhancement of standoff mission capabilities e.g. innovative counter IED standoff reconnaissance and neutralization automatic sensorics and effectors for area surveillance and protection new capabilities for the infantry with innovative effectors automation kits for vehicles   Our Services            advanced system development design and realisation studies project management sales and marketing support Our services are based on our wide range of technology expertise perceiving sensorics for surveillance, reconnaissance and counter IED smart kinematics IED detection and neutralitzation robotics lethal/non lethal effectors fuzes      Technology Expertise        sensorics        standoff counter IED        mechatronics        robotics         smart kinematics        effectors   Application Expertise        counter IED        mobility improvement              robotization        area protection        training systems   IUVAT SMARTMOTION GmbH Copyright 2017 Iuvat Smartmotion GmbH, Tel.: +49 (0) 4131-8645924   | Startseite | Impressum | Advanced System Development       Design Studies       Project Management