Services Advanced system development We analyse your mission requirements, evaluate new technologies, find ideas also for  unconventional solutions and develop concepts which convince in competition. Excellent  networking  with universities and scientific institutes guarantees the access to newest technologies. Project management                                                 Copyright 2018 Iuvat Smartmotion GmbH, Tel.: +49 (0) 4131-8645924   | Startseite | Impressum | Engineering, Design studies and System Safety                                    We perform design studies for the key system elements. An innovative modular and networking  capable design is a must for the stepwise realisation of advanced systems. We identify the risks und realise for the verification critical functions and technology suitable  near operational experimental systems, to determine the performance features in field tests. An essential part of the engineering is the consideration of the system safety. We develop the  system safety concept from the hazard analys with all measures to the safety case.  In so doing the feasibility of the realisation can be evaluated and the performance features can  be taken in account of the system development specification.   The realisation of innovative systems needs a technical management with interdisciplinary skills  which is well proven in the responsibilty for scientific projects just as for full scale system  development programs. We support you in project management by taking over the responsibilty for engineering, the risk management, the system safety, the development of necessary  redesigns and the face to face representation of the technical project status to the costumer  and user. We support you in the acquisition and management of international government R&D programs. IUVAT SMARTMOTION GmbH Advanced System Technologies       Engineering       Project Management   Technology Expertise        sensorics        standoff counter IED        electronics         smart kinematics        effectors        system safety   Application Expertise        counter IED vehicles        mobility improvement              weapons and ammunition        area protection        training systems   Services Expertise  Contact Performance  Home  Services Expertise  Contact Performance   Home  Applications Applications