System applications Copyright 2018 Iuvat Smartmotion GmbH, Tel.: +49 (0) 4131-8645924   | Startseite | Impressum | IUVAT SMARTMOTION GmbH Advanced System Technologies        Engineering       Project Management An essential part of the engineering is the consideration of the system safety. We develop the system safety concept from the hazard analys with all measures to the safety case. : analysis of the requirements and the preliminary technical concept hazard analysis, determination of SIL by means of risk matrix or numerical analysis FMEA and FTA, design of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) process definition for the realisation of HW and SW development of a System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) documentation and cooperation with the third party for certification (req. for SIL 3/4) application of standards such as MILStd 882, EN 61508, EN 26262, JSSSEB System Safety - skills System Safety - Project experience engineering and system safety system for smart effectors such as sensor fuzed ammunition SMART 155, automated arial combat system and a new modular fuze system according to MILSTD 4497 engineering and system safety for the platform electronics and the mission equipment of military vehicles (combat, support, counter IED) redesign and system safety of the gun control of a turret system engineering and system safety for the mobility platforms for mission studies in the Army and the Navy such as TROBOT and ROBOSHIP concept development of the system safety for a new multipurpose naval vessel (platform and mission system)   Technology Expertise        sensorics        standoff counter IED        mechatronics        robotics         smart kinematics        effectors   Application Expertise        counter IED        mobility improvement              robotization        area protection        training systems     System applications        Wide Area Denial system        precision delivery system        counter explosives        System Safety          Services Expertise  Contact Performance  Home  Services Expertise  Contact Performance   Home  Applications Applications <- back