Reconnaissance and Neutralisation of Explosive Devices Operational and Technical Features Multisensors for reliable detection of Explosive Devices (mines, IEDs) with acceptable false alarm rates vehicle based sensors allow position determination of standoff items verification with manipulator arm with water/air spade, gripper and centretool control vehicles can be equipped with SMOVER Technology for selectable unmanned (remote controlled) and manned operation. The installation of the SMOVER KIt requires less than 3 minutes.   Applied Technologies Ground Penetrating Radar and Metal Detection for near range reconnaissance optical/3D multispectral sensors, Non Linear Junction Detectors, Magnetometer for standoff reconnaissance manipulator with 3D optics and multi purpose gripper for verification and neutralization   System applications Copyright 2018 Iuvat Smartmotion GmbH, Tel.: +49 (0) 4131-8645924   | Startseite | Impressum | IUVAT SMARTMOTION GmbH Advanced System Technologies       Engineering       Project Management water air spade and gripper for standoff verification SMOVER Kit for unmanned operation   Technology Expertise        sensorics        standoff counter IED        mechatronics        robotics         smart kinematics        effectors   Application Expertise        counter IED        mobility improvement              robotization        area protection        training systems     System applications        Wide Area Denial system        precision delivery system        counter explosives        System Safety          Services Expertise  Contact Performance  Home  Services Expertise  Contact Performance   Home  Applications Applications -> next        <- back