Near range precision delivery system Operational and Technical Features precise delivery of projectiles and canisters in an effective range of 50.....1000m pneumatic mortar with an adjustable muzzle velocity (variation < 0,08m/s) modular canister with a payload of up to 120kg depending of calibre optional flight control of the projectile/canister for compensating wind influence improves the impact accuracy Applied Technologies   pneumatic mortar control for precise adjustable muzzle velocity development of the aerodynamics for a low speed (< 70m/s) projectile correction of the ballistic trajectory for optimisation the impact accuracy:     programming the projectile with the calculated flight path before launch     measuring the real flight path with a ground based laser scanner     wireless transfering the deviations from thr gound station to the projectile     correcting the flight path with a fin control unit       successful verification of the concept with a field capable demonstrator   System applications IUVAT SMARTMOTION GmbH Advanced System Technologies        Engineering       Project Management   Technology Expertise        sensorics        standoff counter IED        mechatronics        robotics         smart kinematics        effectors   Application Expertise        counter IED        mobility improvement              robotization        area protection        training systems     System applications        Wide Area Denial system        precision delivery system        counter explosives        System Safety          Services Expertise  Contact Performance  Home  Services Expertise  Contact Performance   Home  Applications Applications -> next        <- back